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                                  For more information on Singing Lessons with Sara Emerson, please contact her at:  
                                            734-576-1183                                                                           sara.soprano@gmail.com 

                                                                                                                                        Voice Studio in the Kalamazoo/Portage area
Student Testimonial:

"Motivational! Knowledgeable! Talented!

Sara is a rarity when it comes to vocal instructors. She has a knack for understanding each student's individuality. She inspires her students to feel comfortable in challenging their voice while still developing prosperous opportunities for their success. Sara is able to communicate as well as empathize regardless of your standing. Whether you are just learning to match pitch, or have been singing center stage for years, Sara’s proficiency will influence you.

Her passion for music is inspiring. I started with Sara to train my voice in preparation for college auditioning. I am shocked how quickly I improved, and I am excited about the possibilities ahead. While I am always amazed by her diversity and polished sound, I am most thankful for her persistent encouragement. She is doubtlessly dedicated to her students."

-Rachel McLaughlin 
(Current Voice Major at Valparaiso University) 
Lesson Materials for Current Voice Students:

Songs to Print (public domain)
Sites to Order Music Books
Music Theory
Free Music Sheet Paper (manuscript paper)
Song Translation Resources
Aria/Opera Resources
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